Migration Manager for AD

Migration Manager AD

Migration Manager for AD

ZeroIMPACT Active Directory consolidation and restructuring

Migration Manager for Active Directory (AD) is the ZeroIMPACT solution to mitigate the risk of consolidating and restructuring your AD. Simplify your migration and ensure that users maintain secure access to workstations, resources and email throughout the entire project.

With the help of our coexistence capabilities, streamlined project management and business-critical support, you’ll be able to overcome:

  • Business disruptions
  • Tight timelines
  • Project complexity
  • Limited budgets and resources

See for yourself how we’ve been able to successfully migrate more than 72 million users to AD.

ZeroIMPACT, full-directory migration
Restructure your Active Directory during business hours, reducing the administrator’s workload with no adverse effect on user productivity. And with Migration Manager, you’ll be able to move all types of objects including users, groups, computers, volumes, printers, contacts, organizational units, network topology (e.g., sites, subnet, site links) as well as directory permissions.

Complete coexistence
Maintain seamless user access to all network resources, such as servers and printers, regardless of their migration status.

Flexible, comprehensive planning
Plan your migration by staging users, scheduling workstation moves and updating permissions. Control any migration scenario, from simple Active Directory improvements to a complete restructuring of your entire domain. You’ll also be able to easily mirror your production environment to a test lab to ensure that all processes are effective and safe before they are applied.

Simplified project management
Manage your migration with confidence through a robust project management interface, advanced delegation capabilities, numerous reporting options, granular undo functionality, full rollback, multi-agent architecture, distributed resource processing and permissions updating.

Automated, parallel processing
Automate the migration and enable parallel processing to save valuable time and ensure that your network has zero downtime.

Automatic updates
Save time and reduce risk by automatically updating permissions and resources, including Active Directory, SharePoint, Exchange, Internet Information Services (IIS), file and print servers, SQL Server, cluster servers and the System Management Server (SMS) from Microsoft. You can also update NTFS security, shares and more.

Secure execution
Increase the security and reliability of your project by taking advantage of a “test mode” to verify the accuracy and security of your migration plan. Then optimize your post-migration environment, preserving passwords and removing source accounts and related references.

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