Active Administrator for Active Directory Health

Active Administrator for Active Directory Health

Active Administrator for Active Directory Health

Real-time AD health and performance diagnostics tools

Active Directory® (AD) issues can have wide-reaching effects, including system downtime, directory unavailability and end-user disruption. Yet administrators have no easy way to run AD health checks or identify resource bottlenecks, causing them to spend too much time troubleshooting and resolving problems in AD.

Active Administrator for Active Directory Health ensures the health and availability of AD with troubleshooting and diagnostics tools that monitor performance to maintain user productivity. Active Administrator for AD Health helps you:

  • Get real-time diagnostic data from a centralized AD health dashboard
  • Eliminate learning curves associated with AD performance monitoring
  • Pinpoint the root cause of AD problems before they impact users

Live AD topology view
View the entire AD site and replication infrastructure to see an entire forest at a glance, view issues on domain controllers and quickly automate AD performance troubleshooting. Issues are divided into severity levels prioritizing potential versus actual issues.

Centralized diagnostics console
Discover the flow of data from the network through a domain controller using visual flow charts, graphs and icons. In this consolidated view of system status, resource bottlenecks are highlighted in yellow and red, and you can drill down on alerts for further analysis.

Simplified AD health analysis
Proactively monitor and diagnose critical, directory-wide infrastructure issues from replication latency to Domain Name System (DNS) inconsistencies. When a problem occurs, an alert notifies you immediately of the exact nature and location of the problem, saving you analysis and troubleshooting time. Following critical alerts, built-in or custom remediation actions run automatically to fix the problem.

Streamlined enterprise-wide troubleshooting
Diagnose directory problems without server-by-server, test-by-test troubleshooting using a comprehensive set of troubleshooting tests and utilities. From domain controller health to DNS and replication, it isolates and repairs problems and generates detailed reports for current use and historical reference.

Automated AD health checks and repairs
Rid yourself of manual AD troubleshooting with more than 100 customizable AD health check tests, including replication failure, queue length, DNS zone and SYSVOL consistency. Run multiple tests against selected domain controllers, sites, domains or naming contexts.

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